Academic Information Management System

Academic Information Management System

Academic Information Management System

About eScholaris

eScholaris is an all-inclusive online academic information management system


eScholaris is an all-inclusive academic information management system that serves both undergraduates and postgraduates education programs. eScholaris has a lot to offer to both the administrative staff as well as students using the system. It provides the staff with appropriate access to all student information required. In addition to banding together all this information, eScholaris can be universally accessed from anywhere over the internet with proper system access, and since it is a cloud-based system, the service can also be accessed through the web. All you need is proper access IDs and passwords, or other secure authentication methods.

The online system is prominent and visible for seamless education information for both students and the University. The functionalities in the eScholaris University give complete user-friendly experience. It ultimately gives a complete solution to the university about the student information like On-Boarding, Academics, Curriculum, and Reporting. The applicants have the ease of completing the Admission/Application, Attendance view, Schedule View, the program, library, Examination, Course Calendar, transportation, hostel/housing etc.

eScholaris Modules

Modules content include:

Multi-Campus Management

The software has the capability to manage multiple campuses and departments under each campus thus enabling the institution to have a single database and management of multiple campuses while having the engine to accept applications into a single pool for multiple campuses. In the application, the student can select the campus of choice or the admissions office, an offer, a seat for a course/programme as per availability.

Student Portal

A prospective student can apply for a course/programme online by creating an account where the application is electronically transported to the back office admissions for further processing. Here one can see admission status, marks cards, fee invoices & statement, internal communications and announcements. The student can also access the library, transportation and accommodation requests and responses. The student portal serves as the single window for a student to transact and retrieve relevant information.

Admission & Registrations

All applications (online and back office) can be processed where a student can be accepted, deferred or rejected as per the admission criteria set in the system. On admitting a student the system also enables the registration of the student to the individual subjects/lectures for the semester as per the defined Curriculum. This helps in arriving at the attendance list by lecture thus managing the attendance at lectures. Attendance can be taken through a user interface on a tablet, if required.

Curriculum Management

Curriculum management comprises of the course details referring to the lectures and academic content taught a course or program specific. The complete “Plan of Study” can be mapped in the software by subject across all semesters, while giving the facility to select elective along with the mandatory courses to arrive at the required credits to complete a course/programme. Student registration, Attendance, Scheduling, and Evaluations work in tandem with Curriculum management to control the overall operations of the institution.

Course Scheduling

This module manages the Lecture Scheduling and the Academic Calendar to manage the calendar of Student group by lecture, Classrooms, and Lecturers. With the help of this module, a student can see the lectures for a week/semester and in the same way the faculty members can see the lectures scheduled. The admin office can view the workload for a week/semester in the classrooms that are scheduled by lecture hours with details on the student group, course, and lecturer.

Evaluation & Assessment

Evaluation & Assessment is a management system showing all the examination details, tracking the curriculum, evaluation of the student, result declaration, and issuing transcripts, providing the faculty and students online and real-time information. Here information is available for a student or group of students on mark sheet /transcripts for a semester or a program and the system then manages the “promotion/graduation” as per defined rules with a facility for override by the approved authority.


This Module manages the books by category, catalogue, and ISBN (International Standard Bok Number) and Accession number] in the system. The system allows the user to reserve, issue and return books and maintains the record of movement.

Hostel / Accommodation

Hostels or accommodation in apartments/homes can be configured in the system where a student can be allocated to the accommodation and the relevant fee can be managed in the system. This module also helps in managing the student transportation by tracking the location, pick and drop off schedules.


Busses, Routes, and Stops can be configured in the system and students /faculty can be tagged to Stops and routes where each route would have a specific pick up and drop off time by the stop so that the passengers can get online information of their schedules route. The module also manages the transportation fee.

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS records the content for every lecture defined in the curriculum. The content could be recorded as a text, image or video while giving links to related WebPages that are references relevant to a lecture. The facility is also provided to record a lecture and then make it available for the group of students to re-run the video through their student portal. This helps in managing the course content while also archiving the course delivery for future reference.

Marketing & CRM

The institution can configure campaigns to record all the expenses incurred towards the campaign. The system also tracks all leads/ inquiries recorded through the campaign and the final number of applications received to a number of students admitted to arriving at the return of Investment (ROI) on a campaign. The system also has the facility to engage an email or SMS engine where messages can be sent to an individual or group for fee reminders, Birthdays or announcements.

Fee Management

The system is seamlessly integrated to various accounting and ERP systems to manage the financial workflow. At the same time, the system has the facility to define fee by subject by semester and A facility of fee receipt through the system is available, which then gets posted into the financial management system to track and settle the Accounts Receivable. One can also use the integrated payment gateway to make payments against fee invoices in the system.


Services or Appointment module addresses the requirement of booking an appointment with a teaching staff, non-teaching staff, and student or group of students. The appointments could be of various reasons where one could be an Interview schedule for admissions or student counseling. The module serves as an effective communication tool.

Grievances and Survey Management

This module helps the institution to address the effective management of a complaint raised by a student /faculty so that the administration can ensure that all grievances are addressed efficiently. In addition to grievances, the survey engine can circulate feedback requests for measuring the “institutional effectiveness”.

Reporting & MIS (Management Information System)

The system provides for the query based reporting while having relevant report sets for individual modules. Reporting engine also provides slice and dice of data for enhanced analytics. This is available for all default reports available in the system. As the system runs on RDBMS database, one can use independent reporting tools write customised reports.

With eScholaris, we continue to improve all aspects of our comprehensive and highly-researched educational modules and programmes to ensure all our potential students will achieve their goals and use eScholaris - the new way forward in educational technology that surpasses all expectations in a seamless and easy -to – use way and achieve the best results -always.

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